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We want to partner with you. Let's take that step together.


Connect to a caring community

You shouldn't do life by yourself. Luckily, you don't have to. Our Small Groups offer tight knit community, where you can gather together to pray, support, and encourage one another. 


Baptism: Raised to new life

When Jesus becomes your everything, we are commanded to give everything. Baptism is a symbol of burying your old self and receiving new life through Jesus. Are you ready to be baptized? We want to celebrate this incredible step with you.

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Become a Member

We believe that membership is important because it’s an official commitment to this local church and its mission. It also clarifies the church’s responsibility to you as a disciple of Christ.

In addition to the benefits of constituency, membership involves additional opportunities including the legal privilege to vote and hold office as well as mutual commitment and accountability to the church body.

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