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Welcome to CareConnections

In every community, children and families at a point of crisis need help. As a church community, we care deeply and strive to be a connection point within our Winnipeg community.

Welcome to CareConnections, a powerful tool that allows our Grant Church to respond promptly.

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Child Welfare

May 9, 2024

Double Decker Creative Bed!

Did you know there are MEGA rules & regulations for bunk beds, loft beds, mini loft beds,... for kids in care - not for others.. but rules that don't exist for my home... but DO for the homes of families we love.
SOoooo to FIT kiddos into a house of love there is CREATIVITY involved - a bed without a bedframe (lower/slats) will make it possible to create a safe "rule abiding" sleeping situation! If it is lower it can make "a bunk" situation.
and sleep is one of God's most precious gifts!!! if you can help please hit that "I can help" button!


# of people who will be helped:

- Double Mattress

- Double Bedframe without boxspring


Already donated;

- pillows

- bedding

- beautiful quilts



Child Welfare

May 9, 2024

Took the tools... help?

Church we have a Foster & Bio Momma who has created a safe space for the 3 kids in her world - Plus the 2 she regularly provides respite for!!
Ending a relationship and establishing healthy boundaries for the family has been a hard journey. This past week "The House Tools" were picked up as a significant symbol of the ongoing "adult work" but it has meant Momma & kiddos are without. And THIS - THIS is a "do it / fix it / teach it / try it / tackle it" kind of house. AMAZING role model work for kids ranging from 16 years and younger. Can you check to see if your garage has extras? Anyone downsizing some of these items?


# of people who will be helped:

- jig saw

- crow bar

- step ladder (3-4 feet tall)

- vise grips or pliers

- drill bits (for holes not screw drivers)

- gift card to Home Depot/Rona



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