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I am Giordane Simoes, and alongside my wife Juliana Simoes, we've formed a close-knit family with our two beloved children, Benjamin and Cecilia. Our journey started in Brazil, but in 2014, we embarked on a new chapter by moving to Canada, where I pursued and attained a master's degree in business studies. This step opened doors to my current role as a Change Management Consultant in collaboration with a multinational company, where I play a pivotal role in guiding organizational transitions.

Music has been my lifelong passion. I immersed myself in it from a young age, participating in my local church's worship team and even forming my own band, which performed at various youth events. The connection between music and spirituality became evident to me during these worship sessions, where I felt a profound sense of God's presence, love, and care. This drove me to connect with others through music, sharing our collective experiences and helping young people navigate challenges. I continued to embrace music and worship, but I also took on leadership and mentoring responsibilities, particularly in Brazil, where I supported local church initiatives and leaders.

My journey took another turn when I joined GMBC in 2014. Recently, I've sensed a shifting direction from God, urging me to dedicate more time to prayer and discernment. This phase of introspection has led me to recognize that teaching is my spiritual gift. It brings me immense joy to offer guidance, share my personal journey, and connect with others on a deeper level. Witnessing the positive impact of my teachings on individuals' lives is incredibly rewarding and continues to drive me forward.

Over the past couple of years, I've consciously taken a step back from active ministry involvement, feeling led to seek a quieter path of reflection and attentiveness to God's guidance. This period of stillness has allowed me to further nurture my roles as a husband and a father, recognizing the profound impact they have on my overall journey. As I continue to navigate life's challenges and opportunities, I'm reminded that my character's evolution is a testament to God's constant influence and His transformative presence in my life.

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