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I was born in Winnipeg in April 1965, and was baptized as an infant in the United Church. Diana and I married in July 2014, and together we have five children and one grandchild. Professionally, I have held three Journeyman certificates, in the truck transport industry. I spent 13 years as a heavy truck mechanic, and for 25 years I was a Peace Officer with Vehicle Safety, retiring in February 2023. Additionally, I was a member of the Canadian Forces Reserves with over 12 years of service.

In December 2014 Diana and I attended Grant's Advent Series, and it was there that I felt God reach out to me, that hearts me to follow Him.

Diana and I were baptized in June 2015 and became members in 2016. In 2018 I was a Stephen Minister. We have taken Christianity Explored, and have co-hosted a table. We also volunteer with the Host Ministry, Let It Glow and the Drive In (Thru) Meals. I've been reading I Am A Church Member by Thom S Rainer. It has instilled in my mind that I am to think of others before self, to serve others before self, and to put our Lord first.

When I look back at all that has occurred in my time on this earth, it was at that Advent Series that I felt God's presence in me for the first time. I felt like the Prodigal Son being embraced by his Father.
I strive to give of myself to ensure that others can feel welcome, safe, heard and accepted. I learned in the Military that you lead by example. And, so I pray every day that I am a good example of God's great love every day!

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