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Within Series - 


Mark Dupuis

Season 01 • Episode 01

Mark Dupuis had a unique experience with their faith that all started when he was just a teenager. At first, he didn't want to go to church, but some friends convinced him. He felt so welcomed by the people there, an experience very different from his times with non-believers.
Mark shares how Jon Stevens, the youth pastor, played a big role in their journey. Jon invited him to church events even when he couldn't afford it. Then, in 1992, Mark decided to give his life to Jesus. Shortly after, he went on a mission trip and was asked to be a leader even though he was new to the faith. This experience led Mark to consider the Christian ministry. He went to Bible College but always returned to Grant Memorial for mentoring and discipleship by those who helped him along the way.
Now, Mark works at Youth for Christ, where he leads young people in their faith journey, just like how he was helped in the past.

Within Series
This video series features heartfelt testimonies from various individuals with diverse backgrounds at Grant Memorial. They share how God's transformative power has touched their lives through the church. These narratives reveal a common spiritual awakening and growth thread, transcending age, ethnicity, and life experiences.

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