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Member of the Council of Elders


Keith and Rose started attending Grant in 2012 and quickly fell in love with Jesus while taking the Christianity Explored course. Within six months, they made Grant Memorial their home church as they felt it was essential to give back to God’s church. Then in June of 2014, they were baptized and became members a month later. Their family and friends needed to understand God’s importance in everyone’s lives and they wanted to show their commitment to God. Keith and Rose started serving at Grant as Hosts wherever they were needed and started attending a Small Group. They then became Table Leaders for Christianity Explored, which has been the most rewarding experience of their lives. They have developed many deep and rewarding friendships and have seen what the Holy Spirit can do when they allow Him in their hearts. This spring, Keith and Rose became the Leaders of Christianity Explored, and brought in some new table leaders, and they loved every moment. They are also Small Group Leaders and have grown together, and every week is a blessing when they get to share God’s Word and grow. Keith loves where God is leading Grant and would take the responsibility of following the Statement of Faith, Role of the Elder position, and most important the Word of God. Keith and Rose have been married for 18 years, and are blessed to have three children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. The gift of His Son Jesus and Rose have been the greatest gifts that God has provided in Keith’s life. Keith and Rose love their family and enjoy studying and sharing God’s Word with each other and their family. Being part of Christianity Explored and their Small Group are such rewarding experiences, and they are blessed that God has allowed them the opportunity to share His Word.

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