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In every community, there are children and families at a point of crisis, who need help. In those same communities, there are churches who care and want to take action. But what they need is a connection point. CarePortal is an innovative tool giving churches a real-time opportunity to respond.


Church Need

Movers Needed - during an evening

*** ON GOING Connection ***
A few months ago church members helped lend hands and trucks and moved a woman into her new safe enviroment (1st apartment ever!) -- we now have a request to help move her sister into the same building! Great Oppurtunity to build that picture of LOVE to these women - Furniture is being donated so will need to be picked up and moved into the apartment.


# of people who will be helped:


Willing movers



Child Welfare

Safe Sleep

This family consists of a single mother and three children. The mother is on social assistance and has limited funding to acquire new furniture. Currently, the two older children are sleeping on a dirty mattress on the floor. The Agency believes that it would be beneficial for the older children to have a proper bed to sleep on. It would in their best interest to acquire single sized bunk beds are this would provide more space for their bedroom as it is currently occupied by the large mattress. With each child having their own bed, this would provide them with a sense of their own space and decrease risk of a tripping hazard when having to share a room


# of people who will be helped:

2 twin mattresses,

2 sets of twin sheets,

2 pillows

2 comforters


*** UPDATE*** already donated:

metal Bunk Bed!!


Child Welfare

Care & Cleaning Crew

Our 21 year old kinship caregiver was formerly a foster child. She has since left foster care, graduated high school and was working full-time. In springtime, her 17 year old brother was placed in her care but he has since turned 18 and is no longer supported by CFS though she continues to care for him. Recently her 9-year-old twin brothers were also placed with her. Her partner at the time moved out and she had to quit her job to care for the boys as they do not have child care. The 18 year old boy will be returning to high school for a work placement program as he has some academic challenges and is a placement program. One of the 9-year-olds has Autism and the other has ADHD. They are currently living in a very cluttered, overcrowded one bedroom apartment. A 3 bedroom subsidized housing unit has been secured and is located near the boys' school, where they have aids and supports in place. Though quite young herself, our caregiver is determined to keep her family together and look after the boys. The family needs help moving their belongings from the apartment to the new home. They have no vehicle to move anything and no funds to hire anyone. They also require beds for the older 2 people (21 and 18). The younger boys will have beds provided by CFS however we are not able to help for the older 2 who currently have no beds at all. Help in cleaning the apartment they are leaving behind would be so helpful as our caregiver has no support from family or friends.


# of people who will be helped:

Moving apartment contents to new home, providing 2 double or queen beds, bedding, cleaning apartmen


Child Welfare

Off The Ground - Raise 'Em Up!!

General request! We are filling needs for beds & "Fixing Beds" with almost EVERY request we help with! Can you help? Think inside your garage or down in the basement... or if you see your neighbour put some out on the curb... we NEED bed rails to get kids and their parents off the floor. It may be "an extra" sometimes but makes the world of difference for cleaning, storage, physical ability issues... rails. Any size. All sizes.


# of people who will be helped:

Bed Rails - any size

I Can Help
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