Grant Memorial is a place where people are invited to consider the claims of Christ, encouraged to become fully devoted followers, and given opportunities to make His Name known.


  • God’s Word, the Bible as God’s authoritative narrative of His creation and His relationship with people and His action in redeeming, restoring, and reconciling the world to Himself.
  • Worship as a whole-life expression of the church community to God, to one another, and as a witness to the world.
  • Vital Spirituality that is Holy Spirit-led and grace-oriented for us as individuals and for our community as a whole.
  • Prayer as a foundation of all spiritual growth and ministry.
  • Biblical Community as the interdependent relationship of God’s people based on God’s Word and His work in our lives.
  • Reaching and Discipling all peoples of the world through personal, corporate, and cooperative initiatives that demonstrate and declare God’s love and plan of salvation.

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