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Lindenholm Ministries Committee



Ron has three adult children, two son-in-laws, five grandchildren and a grandson-in-law. Ron operates a small business which God has blessed. He has had the privilege of being involved in many ministry areas over the years at Grant Memorial, including serving a number of terms on the Deacon Board. This is an area that he has really enjoyed and feels suits his gift set. Ron is blessed to serve alongside men who are committed to serving God and the people of the Grant Memorial Church community. He has had many mentors in this area, to whom he is very grateful. Ron believes that he has the gifts of discernment, helps/serving, encouragement, leading and giving. He tries to stay informed by reading books by various authors, but the Bible has become his source for nourishment, encouragement and teaching. Ron continues to learn about and appreciate the unfathomable truths about who we are in Christ. There is so much to digest in this book and God is teaching him anew about His love for him and the freedom that everyone has in Him. The Bible never gets old.

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