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Brock has been married to his wife Kara for ten years, and they have two children, Emmett (8) and Amelia (6). Brock is a member of the RCMP and has been since 2002. He has experience leading diverse personalities in a variety of time-sensitive and high-risk situations. Brock has had the opportunity to be mentored in training roles as well within various jobs he’s had. This last year Brock has mostly read fiction, but over the last several years he’s read a number of leadership books and many of the ideas in those have coalesced into thoughts about God’s desire for leadership in the church and the burden, responsibility and privilege that that is. It has also enabled him to answer difficult questions from believers and non-believers alike about God’s desires regarding men in leadership positions. Through readings, studies, and prayer, Brock has found peace and comfort with his role in God’s kingdom and what Brock believes are, God's wishes for him to serve. Also through study, Brock has been able to lead a co-worker to God which has been a very rewarding experience.

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