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On Sunday, January 24, Deacon Chair Mel Zacharias gave the following update regarding the Senior Pastor Search process. The update was followed by a greeting from Jeff Bigelow, Executive Search Consultant, Vanderbloemen Search Group.

Mel Zacharias, on behalf of the Deacon Board
“As we mentioned in our last update, the Board has decided to engage the services of an organization which has broad experience in matching pastors to churches and churches to pastors. We also indicated that if all goes according to plan, we would be actively involved in the pastoral search prior to the end of January.
The Board is pleased to announce that we have engaged the services of Vanderbloemen Search Group, a search firm from Houston, Texas. Standing with me this morning is Jeff Bigelow, the executive search consultant from Vanderbloemen. He will be leading the search and working with our search team.

Our search team is made up of the following people: Rod Neustaedter (Chairman), Reg Kliewer, Thomas Knight, Matthew Penner, Allan Dyck, Yuri Hooker, Dick Stephens, Donna Berrington, Carrie-Lynn Harz, and Ted Hull.

Yesterday, Jeff spent the day meeting with our elders, the Deacons, the Search Committee, senior staff and our lay leaders to get a sense of who are and gather information that will help in the senior pastor search.” 


~ Jeff Bigelow, Executive Search Consultant
“It is such an honour to be here at Grant Memorial Church. You have a long, rich history and this church has truly been a city on a hill in Winnipeg for many, many years. Our prayer going forward is that light will just get brighter, and you will be a city on a hill for years to come. We are honoured to partner with you in helping you find your next senior pastor.

I’ve been a pastor for many, many years and I realize what a holy moment that is when a church invites a new man in to be their senior pastor. We are praying for you. In the book of Proverbs it says, “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD.” We will do all we can do, and I know you will do all you can do, but ultimately it is God’s Hand on this search that is going to bring the victory and bring a great new pastor here to Grant Memorial Church.

I have truly enjoyed the last couple of days here, and anticipate the great things that God has in store for this church moving on into 2016 and the future. We would covet your prayers, and I will be praying along with you.”

Donna Berrington, Allan Dyck, Carrie-Lynn Harz, Yuri Hooker, Ted Hull, Rod Neustaedter (Chairman), Reg Kliewer, Thomas Knight, Matthew Penner, Dick Stephens.