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As one of the largest congregations in its area, Grant Memorial Baptist Church (GMBC) has a rich history in the city of Winnipeg. With an average attendance of 1,100 weekly, the church community is socio-economically and generationally diverse, representing people from many walks of life.

The church has a strong and sustained foundation in Bible teaching. The church is also characterized by small groups, spiritual formation, world missions, diverse worship styles, Christian education, and offers weekly programming to address the needs of all demographics within the church body.

The next Senior Pastor will step into a strong heritage of senior pastors who have served throughout the years at Grant Memorial Baptist Church. This individual will be a strong Bible teacher and visionary, aligned with the theology of GMBC, who will build on the foundational strength of the church. They will be able to relate to a broad, intergenerational audience, from seniors and professionals to young adults. The prospective Senior Pastor will be exceptionally gifted in leadership development, with a set of skills that complements both the administrative and relational responsibilities of the position. They will be a highly strategic manager of change and growth, while championing the vision and mission of Grant Memorial Baptist Church.

This Senior Pastor will be a demonstrated leader, a skilled teacher, and a shepherd at heart. They will have a solid understanding of servant-based leadership, with the ability to take the ministry of GMBC to the next level: from a teaching church to a teaching-discipling church. The prospective candidate will have proven leadership experience in management, both people and projects, with a high degree of relational intelligence to scale. They will ideally possess a master-level seminary degree with at least five years of leadership experience at a 500+ multi-staff church, preferably in an executive role.