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Enriching the Sunday Experience

For nearly 125 years our church has been committed to hosting weekly services flooded with enriching, Bible-based, Spirit-filled teaching and worship!  In an effort to remain loyal to that end, we are launching a month-long special donation campaign.

Our church is one of the few in our city that still upholds and supports a service filled with a dynamic choir and the timeless sound of an organ! This traditional expression of worship has been possible through the service of gifted musicians and quality instruments.  Our faithful organ was beyond repair, and earlier this year we stepped out in faith to purchase a replacement. Having this quality replacement instrument means that the treasured times of worship you have enjoyed up until now will continue, carrying the presence of the Lord through classic hymns of worship.


We are not only enriching the experience for those that appreciate traditional sounds, but also for those joining us through technology.

Did you know our weekly services reach over 200 people thanks to live streaming? And improvements to our system can help us reach those across the world? What an amazing time we are living in where spreading the Gospel is as easy as the click of a button!

As we pursue putting forth the best worship experience possible we feel it’s time to make an investment into our video and audio infrastructure.  This will enhance the quality of sound the viewers will hear, as well as enable them to participate with the needed lyrics being shown during the worship time.

This portion of the investment is two-fold.  Not only will we need your support to purchase the new hardware, but we will also need to expand our behind-the-scenes team to make it happen!

We are looking at a spring launch for these new expressions to be provided. We ask that you prayerfully consider how you may be able to support the greater work God is doing here at Grant!

Over the next month, we will keep you informed of the progress we are making.  Our target goal by the end of November is $55,000. Please consider and pray about how you can be part of reaching this goal. Together we will continue to “be the church” to our local church family, to our city, and to the world!

You can make your donation in a variety of ways. Please direct the donation towards 'Enriching the Sunday Experience' or the 'Enrich Campaign.'

- John Schaffner, Senior Pastor


Where did this need come from?
In the fall of 2017 our longtime faithful organ broke beyond repair. It was the instrument that moved from Colony Street to Wilkes Avenue and had been repaired many times. A rental instrument was arranged for the fall and spring so that we could research the demand and replacement options. Thanks to the work of many people a suitable replacement option was identified.

A brand new replacement organ would have cost over $80,000. Clearly, we have a much more economical, yet high quality, instrument to continue a strong classical worship experience. In regard to the online worship production equipment, we have known for quite some time that the inferior equipment was resulting in a compromised online experience. Research was initiated to determine the equipment needed to enhance the experience. Cost comparison, availability, and suppliers were part of the research.

Why are the organ and online production equipment combined?
The purpose for both pieces of equipment is to provide the best possible atmosphere and worship experience for our people. Due to the imminent need and central purpose we chose to combine the appeal for our people. We felt that it was better to present a single larger appeal rather than two distinct designations.

Can I designate for the organ or live stream?
No. It is a single campaign and can not be divided.

How will we know the amount that has come in?
Beginning November 4 we will post the progress in the bulletin and include it in the ongoing communication online and during the Sunday services.

How did we calculate the amount required?
In round numbers the organ replacement was approximately $30,000 and the production equipment is $25,000. Both expenditures have been the result of research and comparisons in order to identify the best equipment and affordability. In both instances we have identified equipment that is durable, high quality, and will enrich the Sunday experience.

What happens if God provides more than the goal?
In order to respect the wishes and expressed designation of the donor we will consider additional items that will enhance the Sunday experience. All corporate Sunday worship experiences would be considered.

What happens if God provides less than the goal?
In the event that God chooses to meet this need in a different timeline than we have presented then we will adjust our timeline to His provision. This means that we will wait and secure equipment over a longer time period. Clearly, we have already purchased the organ due to terms that were set by the supplier so we will delay the purchase of the online production equipment.