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What is #ChurchLetsTalk

#ChurchLetsTalk is a month-long initiative designed to create conversation in the church around mental health.

We know that many within our congregation struggle with mental illnesses, but most of the time, they go unnoticed. We want people to open up and share what they are struggling with, and where, or if, they have seen God during those struggles. 

Grant Memorial wants to engage people in this conversation, not approaching them from a place of judgement, but from a place of love and grace.

Why is it important for me to share my story?

Stories are easy to understand and easy to remember. Jesus did most of his teaching using stories.

Most importantly, stories from those that you know have more impact than people you've never met. It's easy to find someone sharing a story of their struggle with mental health, but seeing someone you know personally sharing their struggles can significantly change your perspective on the issue.

What if my story isn't exciting?

First, if God is a part of your story in any way, then it's incredibly exciting. We should never take for granted the miracles of God, whether they are small or large. 

Second, most people don't have an "exciting" story. Stories of people who experience something incredible and make an instant life change are the exception, not the rule. Your story will touch someone's life because there will be someone going through something similar.

How can I get involved?

Simple. Share your story.

If you attend Grant Memorial, you can email your story to us so we can share it. We are gathering stories in video and written form, both from named and unnamed individuals.

If you attend another church, bring this initiative to your leaders and ask them to join us in sharing their own stories through their own congregations. This is an important issue and should not be limited to one church alone.