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We are grateful for the opportunities we've had through UNITE to connect as Young Adults. God is working in and through our community. 

By now, many of us have established good routines; whether you are working, attending school, volunteering (or a combination), you are likely in a healthy rhythm. We would love to encourage you to make Christ-centred community a part of your routine! 

It's easy to go through our schedule each week without realizing our need for intentional gatherings with fellow Christ-followers. If you are not currently in a Small Group, we invite you to join one. And please come join the large group at UNITE on Saturday evenings. We'd love to see our Young Adults connect with God and with each other in a deeper way! 

You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or e-mail ([email protected]). Also, we love meeting new people, so please get in touch with us and we'd love to get to know you (over local coffee, of course).

~Dom Gibson, YA Leader