Support Groups are established around specific needs or concerns in life. We understand that sometimes “life happens.” Our groups are led by people who have experienced the same struggles that you may be facing today. We meet together in the context of a confidential group, supported by a study guide centered on biblical principles.


Recovering From The Losses Of Life

This class offers encouragement and practical guidance for anyone who has lost a loved one through death, has experienced another profound loss or has unresolved grief. Learn how God’s Word will help you through the grieving process to recovery. In this class, you will journey together with others who have walked similar journeys of grief and loss as we study together the Word of God and support one another. If interested, contact [email protected] or call the church office (204.989.6740). 

Winter Session 2019: now at capacity - contact for future dates


R. E. A. L. Support Group

In our society today, anxiety and depression are an increasingly difficult struggle for many.

The R.E.A.L. Support Group (real encouragement for anxious/depressed living) is for those who struggle with anxiety and depression and loved ones walking with those who are struggling.

We will uphold one another, share strategies and faith stories. We will acknowledge the spiritual side of our journey exposing the lies of Satan in his attempts to isolate those who fight mental illness. We will invite God to make His power perfect in our weakness. Amy Schaffner and Tricia Zink will facilitate this group where everyone is welcome. To sign-up, contact [email protected].

Winter Session 2019: January 23 - May 1, every other Wednesday


Substance Use Support

Are you struggling with alcohol or drug use? Is it affecting your family, work life or bank account? If so, we would love to get you in touch with a professional addictions counsellor at no cost to you. This will be a safe space for you to openly talk about your substance use and will help you gain the tools to make changes to your use, utilizing Scriptures and prayer to support you in this journey. We understand this is a sensitive, personal issue and want to reassure you that confidentiality will be maintained. So step forward, and let this be the beginning of a healthier you If interested, contact [email protected].