Illness and infirmity can isolate a person from his or her church community. But that isolation can be relieved by someone from our Home and Hospital Visitation Team. The team member can offer prayer, godly encouragement, and news from the church that can be very encouraging.

Our shut-In ministry provides conversation, scripture reading, prayer, and phone calls. It is not a home care alternative and should be seen as a support to what families and friends are already providing. Hospital visitation volunteers visit people whose health problems are keeping them from participating in worship services, adult fellowship groups, and other church activities.

To receive a home or hospital visit:

  • Contact the church office (204.989.6740)
  • Email your request to Community Care ([email protected]).
  • Write your visitation request on a Connection Card on Sunday (Connection Cards can be found in the auditorium chair pockets). Place the card in the offering basket when it is passed during the service or return it to the church office.