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Thank you for your support! Learn more about our giving policies here.

Giving Report

Funds can be accepted only for programs or projects that are within the purposes of Grant Memorial Baptist Church and that have been approved by the Deacon Board.

Each gift designated toward a board-approved program or project will be used as designated.

When any given need has been met, or where projects cannot be carried out for reasons beyond the ability of the Deacon Board to control, the donor agrees that gifts designated for such purposes may be used by Grant Memorial Baptist Church in carrying out its other programs.

Designated Giving Policy

Grant Memorial Baptist Church (118946318RR0001) and Linden Christian School Inc. (120707179RR0001) are registered charities. According to the Canada Revenue Agency, a registered charity is exempt from tax on income and can issue official receipts for which individuals can claim tax credits and corporations can claim deductions from income.

Donation receipts are issued once per year in the month of February for the prior calendar year.


All registered charities must file an annual charitable return (T3010) with the Canada Revenue Agency. The return reports on financial activities such as income, the dollar value or charitable receipts issued, and expenses incurred in carrying out the charitable purpose(s) of the organization.

Summary information from all Canadian registered charities, including Grant Memorial, can be viewed online at the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Registered Charity Status
  • Stewardship is the proper and generous use of our time, talents and treasures.

  • Stewardship is all that we do with our lives after we profess our faith.

  • Stewardship is joyfully returning to God a portion of that which God has given us.

  • Stewardship is sharing with Christ’s body all the gifts that God has entrusted to us.


As a church – congregation, volunteers, leaders and staff – it is our desire to manage well what God has given to Grant Memorial. God has abundantly blessed us. Grant is one of the largest churches in Winnipeg; Linden Christian School is the largest independent school in Manitoba and one of the largest in Western Canada; and Lindenholm Ministries is a unique ministry providing homes to seniors right on our campus. Every inch of our facility is actively used for ministry seven days each week.





Taiwo Marquez

Financial Manager

Bev Donald

Financial Coordinator, Payroll Administrator

P: 204.989.4272


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