Mission Trip to Chembulet - Kenya


February 7, 2023

3:00 p.m.

Since 2017 Grant Memorial has been building relationship with the community of Chembulet through 410 Bridge. Maybe you've imagined what the people who live there might be like. This is your chance to find out! Join this short term mission team to meet and learn from our dear friends in Kenya. Click the button to request more information and to indicate your interest in participating.

Dates: February 7-18, 2023
Estimated Costs: $4500—which includes all flights (economy class) and in-country expenses (with safari)

Each Participant is responsible to personally cover the costs of:
● Kenyan Visa expense
● Food while traveling
● Travel insurance
● Vaccinations (Please note that only those who are fully vaccinated to COVID-19 are eligible to participate.).
● Souvenirs while in Kenya

Since 2017, our church has supported development work in the small town of Chembulet, Kenya under the development organization: “410 Bridge”. 410 Bridge exists to help the poor lift THEMSELVES from poverty, restoring dignity, purpose and freedom to their lives.

Churches who connect with a developing community through 410 Bridge must make both a financial and a relational commitment. At Grant Memorial, we allocate money from our annual budget to fulfill our financial commitments to the community. In addition, each year we fulfill the relational commitments, which involves a visit from our church.

The community of Chembulet sees this yearly relational commitment of utmost importance. Our church is known in the community of Chembulet since we are one of only a few churches partnered with them. This visit provides a relational link between their community and the people of Grant Memorial. It is critical that the people of Grant Memorial see firsthand the needs and challenges in Chembulet in order to effectively be the hands and feet of Jesus in healthy support and encouragement.

1. The community elders and pastors in Kenya have personally invited Grant Memorial to send a delegation. We are honoured to witness the ongoing progress in projects that local Kenyans have been working on for the past five years.
2. We will measure our success not by what we do, but by what the community does on its own. This is our guiding metric for this trip. We recognize that God has gifted and equipped each Kenyan to fulfill a purpose and that the community of Chembulet will be empowered to continue the development effort on their own.
3. The local leadership council has been using funds provided by our church to better their community. Our visit will provide encouragement for them as they face challenges and set-backs. We are able to support them not only financially but relationally.
4. We will learn about what organizations like 410 Bridge are doing in the developing world and will be better equipped to advocate for healthy international development. This is one way that Grant Memorial can effectively be the hands and feet of Jesus to our world.

410 Bridge is an organization that takes seriously the mandate to do community development in sustainable ways without reliance on hand-outs and without creating an unhealthy power dynamic between the haves and have-nots. For this reason, our team will not be involved in any hands-on projects in the community that may take jobs away from local Kenyans. We are going as representatives from Grant Memorial with the top priority to continue a relationship of mutual support and encouragement with our Kenyan community.