Improve Your Serve 2022


September 10, 2022

2:00 p.m.


Volunteers at Grant Memorial are strongly encouraged to attend an important day of celebration, training and orientation called "Improve Your Serve" on September 10, 2022. Our time together will be a fun, jam-packed day of highly practical training. Registration online.

Improve Your Serve will give us the space needed to grow our dependence on God while being equipped with the information and tools for a fantastic season of serving God's kingdom. If you are planning to volunteer at Grant this upcoming year, I encourage you to save Saturday, September 10th and plan to join in. More details, along with registration, will be sent out in August.

Also, if you know of someone who is not yet volunteering, please invite them to this event. Improve Your Serve is an excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what's it like to be part of the team at Grant.

- 9:00am Main Session
- 10:15am Workshop #1 – you can choose from a list of options
- 11:00am Coffee Break
- 11:15am Workshop #2 – you can choose from a list of options
- 12:00pm Lunch
- 12:45pm Plan to Protect Refresher
- 1:15pm Team-specific Training & Orientation
- 2:45pm Snack Break and prizes
- 3:00pm Team-specific Training & Orientation (duplicated from 1:15pm for those who are serving in more than one area)
- 4:30pm Finished for the Day