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Member of the Council of Elders


Paul was born in the Interlake of Manitoba. In 1954, he moved to Winnipeg and his family began to attend Grant Memorial. They attended church regularly Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday evening. It was at home that Paul accepted Christ around age 10, and a few years later was baptized and joined this church. During those earlier years, he enjoyed participation in youth activities and also in Christian Service Brigade. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Science and a year of Education, he taught at Grant Park High School for two years (subsequently Paul completed two Master’s degrees in Education). In 1972, Paul and Alice got married at Grant and then in 1976 commissioned to serve in the Philippines as teachers of missionary children with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They were privileged to serve there from 1976-92. Two of their four children were born there. While in the Philippines, Paul served as Principal of two elementary schools. On returning to Canada, he assumed a wide variety of administrative and leadership roles with Wycliffe Canada. That service continues to this day with his work in Church Relations and as National Volunteer Coordinator. At Grant, Paul has served in leadership with Christian Service Brigade, taught Sunday School, worked with young adults and in Children’s Ministry, led a small group for many years, served on the Deacon Board, and presently is on the World Mission Planning Team and serves as an Elder. He is very grateful for his church family and looks forward with eager anticipation to how God will lead us in seeking to introduce others to Christ. Although living on three different continents and not able to be together often, Paul and Alice thank God for their four children, their spouses and ten grandchildren, who also desire to honour God with their lives.

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