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I am a PK, a preacher’s kid: a fact which has had two major influences on my life. First, we moved frequently from place to place. Between birth and leaving home as an adult, I lived in nine different homes and attended six different schools. Our dwellings included everything from standard 1960s houses, a large three-storey farm house and a two-bedroom apartment in the back of Johnnies General store in a small Saskatchewan town.

This apartment had some unique features, including an outhouse that was accessed by a path through knee-high weeds, a cistern under the kitchen floor where drowned mice were floating and a bathtub hauled into the living room for our weekly Saturday night bath. Secondly, we attended church a lot. My early church experience was a blend of salvation plus (behaviours, dress codes and keeping separate from the world).

Christianity was more about what one did not do than a relationship with God. My mother led me to the Lord when I was in Grade 5 or 6, and my Christianity mirrored the values. When I was in my third year of university, my father, noticing my apparent lack of enthusiasm for my youth group and spiritual things in general, suggested I try attending a college and career group meeting in a downtown church. He even made arrangements for someone to meet me there and introduce me to other youths. And so I came to Grant Memorial, making new friends, including an attractive young lady. 1971 was an important year for me. I graduated from the University of Manitoba, married an attractive young lady and began a career in health care. After marriage, my wife and I have continued to attend Grant, becoming members, enjoying the teaching ministry, and the company of friends.

My wife and I have served in many capacities at Grant, including early child care, Kids’ clubs, drop-in volleyball leadership and campus hosts. For me, except for a disastrous two-service stint as a sound technician, I have mostly served as a Small Group Leader.
I am grateful for the influence Grant Memorial has had on my life. It's a sound teaching ministry, the support and encouragement from people in the church and the chance to learn about my spiritual gifts by serving (see earlier sound technician note!).

I recognize that serving as an elder will be another learning experience for me. I come to the opportunity with a servant’s heart, wanting to help ensure that our church continues to be one with sound Biblical teaching and one that equips believers to live out their faith before others in a rapidly changing culture.

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