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december 24

11a, 1, 3, 5, 7p, midnight

We are gathering online this year to celebrate the birth of Christ. Join us December 24 as we light the candles together.

Be a part of our Candlelight Service


Please follow these simple instructions and join us in this heart-warming tradition!

  1. Go to a dimly lit room or outside at night.

  2. Use a tri-pod or sturdy surface for your camera.

  3. Light your candle.

  4. Record with your lit candle on the left edge of your screen, gently angled to look like you are picking up a flame from just outside your screen.

  5. Slowly move your lit candle from the left to the right side of your screen, gently tilt to look like you are lighting another candle just outside your screen.

  6. Email the recording to and look for your faces in our Candlelight Service on December 24.

  7. If the file is too large to email you can use to upload and send as well.

Please send us your videos by December 16.