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Responding to needs in Child Welfare and the COVID crisis

In every community, there are children and families at a point of crisis, who need help. In those same communities, there are churches who care and want to take action. But what they need is a connection point. CarePortal is an innovative tool giving churches a real-time opportunity to respond.


Child Welfare

Moving Company Connection???

Covid is shifting our "responses" Temporarily BUT housing is still essential and CFS is needing furniture moved into the homes of children and families we want to shore up. While not "in person" to connect these families are still in need and VERY appreciative, We are brainstorming to connect with a moving company (with professional covid safety standards set for their industry) who we could potentially provide for these requests (while we the church are unable to). The LOVE must GO ON!!! we could maybe help a company here too if we could donate towards each move... we are looking to brainstorm!!!


# of people who will be helped:

ideas or experiences or connections with a moving company (smaller to medium moves - usually bedframes, mattresses, dressers, table...)


Strategic Partners

UGM Coats & Supplies

Our Partners at UGM (Union Gospel Mission) are in need of Winter Coats, underwear and tampons. We would love to fill their needs in abundant generous ways. Coats do not need to be new! Time to go thru our closets before that snow comes back!!


# of people who will be helped:

Coats (new or used!!)



Child Welfare

Bunk Bed for Brothers

A Mom has been working hard to keep her children together and in her care.. the 3 boys have been sharing one bed and sleep... well... non-existant!! One brother is missing out on sleep so much that it is affecting his school and attitude.... they NEED sleep!! Due to the size of the room the child advocate is requesting a bunk bed for the 2 youngest boys so that a donated twin bed can be used for the school-aged "older" brother,


# of people who will be helped:


Items donated/collected for:

twin bunk bed

twin mattresses

box spring twin size



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