Dallas Williams Receives Letter of Commendation

Dallas Williams Receives Letter of Commendation

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The following article was submitted by Dallas Williams from Mayor Brian Bowman; a letter of commendation for Dallas' outreach work over the summer with Athletes in Action in the community of Shamattawa.

Dear Mr. Williams:

Winnipeg had a fantastic summer, and I hope that the kids involved in the Athletes in Action
camps had a great time. I wanted to take this opportunity, now that the summer camp season has come to a conclusion, to recognize the work that your organization is doing to bring sport
programs to kids in Winnipeg and across Manitoba.

I understand that your summer schedule was busier than usual because you took the time to do some special outreach to Shamattawa. You are doing great work to expose kids to sport and all the benefits that they can experience as a result -everything from communication skills to goal setting, self confidence and both physical and mental well-being. You have set some lofty goals for your organization, and I can imagine that seeing the positive impact that you are making for kids from southern Manitoba to northern Manitoba and the inner city is helping you and your
camp staff to "experience a victory beyond competition" as you run the camps. With more than 200,000 kids involved in your camps over the last 20 years, you should feel proud that you are making a real difference in so many people's lives.

I am pleased to extend my best wishes to Athletes in Action for the work you are doing to show kids that they are special no matter where they live and to bring the joys and benefits of sports
into their lives. Thank you for your efforts to make our province and our city a better place.


Brian Bowman
The City of Winnipeg

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