A Quick Look Back, Glenn Miller

A Quick Look Back, Glenn Miller

Editors’s Note: Pastor Glenn completes his service at the end of June. While he will be greatly missed in the staff hallway, we’re excited for him and the next chapter God is writing in and through his life. May it go well with you dear friend!

A Quick Look Back

In my teenage years Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Strange often reminded me they were praying I would become a pastor. After high school I completed my undergraduate degree in Bible and Theology but I never experienced a “clear call” into pastoral ministry. After college, Carol and I served for three years in short-term missions prior to starting our business: Fountain Office Coffee. Twenty years flew by as we raised our family of three, served in the local church and found satisfaction in accomplishing many business and personal goals.

In my 40s God challenged me to become engaged in full-time ministry. This urging directed me to complete my Master’s work at seminary and led us into 22 years of pastoral ministry. I was privileged to serve the first 12 years at New Life Church and for the past ten and a half years at Grant Memorial. My time here provided opportunities to develop deep connections and friendships with many staff members and the congregation. They have brought exciting initiatives and at times rough seas. My roles have changed several times over the years, but each change brought opportunities to serve. I was pleased to be part of the leadership during our building expansion and the many upgrades to the church and school which have served us well. Initiating the Stephen
Ministry broadened our capacity to care. Individual pastoral opportunities are too numerous to recount. I have been personally blessed and challenged as I served this congregation.

I am convinced that God has a great future for Grant and I commend the ministry into God’s hands and to faithful leaders and obedient followers. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you here. I am now looking forward to a new “calling” of retirement which I know will bring another chapter of God’s provision and oversight for our lives. May God bless and keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you peace.

Content in His Care,
Pastor Glenn Miller