What Do You Know About Stephen Ministry?

What Do You Know About Stephen Ministry?

Seven years ago this month we enrolled our first students to train them to become Stephen Ministers. The name “Stephen Ministers” comes from the story in Acts, chapter 6 where Stephen [a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit] is chosen by the 12 apostles to help them provide care for the growing church.

Even though we advertise and promote the ministry regularly, many people still do not know about it or do not understand the benefits this ministry is providing.

Our Stephen Ministers are men and women who help provide care to the congregation and others outside our congregation. If you or someone you know could be helped from one-on-one care, would you please help me to help others? You can help spread the word!

I urge you to contact me by phone (office: 204.989.6763; cell: 204.979.0720) or email (gmiller@grantmemorial.mb.ca).

~ Pastor Glenn Miller, Coordinator of Pastoral Care