Kenya 2017 Team Report!

The following are blog posts received from Chopper Wilson and our Kenya 2017 Mission Team. Dateline: Monday, July 17 | 1:41 a.m.Just leaving the hotel for first day of work project and home visits. Everyone is getting better adjusted to the time change and feeling good. Josh is tagging "Summer Snapshots" ... Read More


Kenya 2016 Fact-Finding Mission: Arrival in Kenya

In October 2016, a team from Grant Memorial embarked on a 10 day fact-finding mission to Kenya with an organization called 410 Bridge. 410 Bridge ( is a community development organization that seeks to improve the spiritual and physical health of communities in the developing world in sustainable... Read More



The day-in, day-out routine of caring for her is finally getting you down.  She isn’t getting any better. You are exhausted. You need someone to care for you. A Stephen Minister could be the right resource for you. They won’t push advice on you; instead, your Stephen Minister will listen and care for you, helping... Read More


What Do You Know About Stephen Ministry?

Seven years ago this month we enrolled our first students to train them to become Stephen Ministers. The name “Stephen Ministers” comes from the story in Acts, chapter 6 where Stephen [a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit] is chosen by the 12 apostles to help them provide care for the growing church. Even... Read More


Are You Going Through A Critical Time in Life?

Are you or is someone you know going through a critical time in life? Times like these happen in all of our lives at one time or another. They could include depression over the loss of a job, grief at the death of a loved one, the necessity of hospitalization, the birth of a child, a family crisis, unexpected... Read More



You never dreamed anything could hurt so badly. You don’t want to think, to remember. Divorce. It can be an extremely painful time. May I suggest to you that you could receive support from a caring person here at Grant? You could benefit from someone who provides a gentle gift of listening. A Stephen Minister will... Read More


Kenya 2016: A Day in the Life

by Kaitlyn Gibson We woke up the morning of our fourth day excited to spend that day and the next in one last village. The first day we would tour schools, wells and health centres, and the second day we would experience what 410 Bridge calls “A Day in the Life” where we would work alongside a family in the... Read More


What Are Your Feelings About the New Year?

After a busy Christmas season, many people experience an emotional downturn as they enter into the New Year. Is that your experience today? I am sure most of us could use an extra dose of encouragement! The dictionary defines encouragement as: the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope. Are you... Read More


Kenya 2016: Business Training

by Kaitlyn Gibson After our day learning about Foundations for Farming, and seeing the Business Training in action, we headed out to see a Business Training class that was just beginning in a newer community to 410 Bridge. We drove a few hours away from Nairobi and into an area of Kenya that experiences more rain... Read More


Kenya 2016: Living Water

by Kaitlyn Gibson Day three for the Kenya Team was a Sunday and we were all enthusiastic about visiting village churches and taking part in their worship. As the bus drove over the bumpy, red dirt roads we entered a valley. Andrew asked for Bonita to pull the bus over and we all hopped out waiting to hear what he... Read More